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Who We Are

We create advance technology health and social care products
  • At Exordium, we believe in bridging the gap between the mind, body, and soul. We appreciate the properties of natural extracts while simultaneously acknowledging the wonders of modern science. Therefore, we achieve the perfect balance with our range of healthcare products.

  • We offer uniquely distilled solutions that combine the nutriment of Mother Nature with the efficacy of science.

  • Our facility allows us to manufacture a wide range of healthcare products, suitable for all skin types.

  • We cater to highly specialized markets, including anti-aging, tattoo aftercare, and gamer products.

  • Our R&D department consistently keeps us at the cutting edge of evidence-based healthcare.

  • With the experience we have, we can provide the exact niche of the product you require, made from the appropriate ingredients, within a reasonable timeline.

What We Do

Private label manufacturer and ingredient supplier

What do we stand for?

Regular over-the-counter products that dominate the market don’t come without any flaws. Many customers face issues, ranging from minor (skin irritation, allergies) to major (dermatitis, nail and hair breakage).

That is why we use natural extracts to mediate the side effects. We try to understand the intricacies of naturally-sourced components such as mushroom actives and amethyst powder. All our products are safe for use and have a long expiry date.

Throughout our facility, we maintain a keen focus on all our safety measures, including the COVID regulations active in the state of California. Our entire staff is highly skilled at the job while also keeping the workplace safe for our operations.


To deliver quality healthcare products that offer the best of both worlds - nature and technology.


Bringing about a change in conventional medicine by making proven organic elements routine.

  • Private label manufacturing
  • Mushroom extracts for skin care
  • Anti-aging solutions
  • Tattoo after care products
  • Skin Care Formulations
  • UV protection
  • Moisturizing Formulas
  • Personal Care and Hygiene Products

    If you can't read the name of the ingredient on label, it probably doesn't belong there.
    Our personal care products are designed for daily use to give your body the natural care it deserves. We compose our products from gifts of nature to keep them free from harmful chemicals.

    Essential and Innovative Ingredients

    Don't trip we gotchu!
    Need assistance with the supply of any ingredients in a timely manner? Don’t worry, we have your back. Just connect with us and explain your inventory situation. We can have all the essential ingredients and innovative designs ready to ship within the assigned time frame.

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